INAKARB Philosophy

Our philosophy

"Health, however, is an experience in which body, mind and soul form a unity with life. This requires new transformations and courageous boundary walks to what is inherent in life." (Paracelsus)

The ideological thought is unique in its holistically oriented medical-regulatory approach and is dedicated to a special concept. INAKARB always focuses on the question of how the medical knowledge gained in space travel can be used for practical medical work. The focus here is on a holistic view of the human being in all its facets.

The essence of health medicine - history and background

In the history of space travel many launches of space shuttles had to be aborted because of sudden cardiac death of cosmonauts. This frightening fact demanded scientists and space medicine specialists It turned out that this "secondary death" was caused by complete exhaustion of the adrenal cortex and thus of adrenaline (= sudden imbalance of the autonomous nervous system), 6-10 times the production of nitrogen and oxygen radicals during cellular respiration, aging at hourly intervals, collapse of the regulatory systems of the human body, etc. This required special scientific skills both in preventive diagnostics and especially in preventive and therapeutic medicine, as well as in the aftercare of the cosmonauts/astronauts after their return to Earth. Since under the dramatic conditions of weightlessness and atmospheric/ionospheric/cosmic radiation exposure, which are dramatic for the human body, a purely symptomatically oriented treatment would not have been able to compensate for the existing massive dysregulation of the homeostasis of the human body systems, a regulative oriented, natural science interdisciplinary medicine had to be established.
In particular, quantum mechanical, non-linear diagnostic physical procedures were considered in various research centres in Russia, namely in Novosibirsk, Petersburg, Baikonur and Moscow, taking into account special psychological-neurological aspects, under the radical physical stress of the take-off, landing and ongoing cosmic phases of space flight. One of the greatest researchers and heads of the Russian space missions was in particular Prof. Baevsky, who, especially after the establishment of heart rate variation analysis, was able to make reliable, valid, sensitive and reproducible assessments of the human body's regulatory systems for months in advance, even under extreme conditions.

The way from space into medical practice

"These and many other astonishing changes brought about by the successes achieved by various Russian natural sciences organized on an interdisciplinary basis can be applied to the comparatively very favorable living conditions to an even greater extent. By adopting these space-medical achievements, i.e. enormous medical diagnostics, the most modern technical, biochemical, biophysical and psychological developments and the technical equipment working on a regulatory level, especially in the frequency range, extraordinary successes can be achieved within the framework of our ideology, even in the treatment of chronic diseases which were believed to be hopeless. This is only possible, among other things, by including phytotherapeutic formulas of the Ming dynasty (most successful medical dynasty of all times).

An outstanding feature of all repair, regulation and rejuvenation processes including a balanced psycho-spiritual status is an adequate energy supply (ATP, FAD, GTP, etc.) of the human cells. Below an energy level of 40% of the cells, repair mechanisms concerning the nuclear DNA, which are supposed to serve for the production of new "healthy" proteins, are only strongly delayed or no longer take place (all chronic physical and mental diseases). The enormous problem to be solved here, which was solved under the direction of Dr. M. Kucera (former co-worker of Prof. Baevsky) in the International Center for Cell Biological Regulation Medicine located here, was to supply the cell with sufficient energy without increasing the disease-causing amount of free oxygen radicals (ROS) automatically associated with increased energy production.

With the aid of sophisticated mitochondrial medicine and in compliance with the autonomous regulatory mechanisms of the human body (autonomous nervous system controlling all processes of the human body), this has now largely been achieved. By combining nutritional substances tailored to the body and by conditioning the protein-forming processes of the nuclear DNA through a wide variety of space technology procedures, taking into account the enormously influential psychological self-conditioning of the human mind, significantly improved treatment successes can be achieved compared to conventional conventional medical-oriented procedures, especially in the treatment of chronic diseases.

Arthrosis, for example, can be treated causally by renewed cartilage growth without continuing pain, but also other serious diseases such as cancer, severe autoimmune diseases, severe psycho-neurological diseases, etc. Since a very forward-looking, technically sophisticated diagnostic technique, tested in decades of experience in space medicine, can be used here, disease processes can in some cases be predicted 8-10 years before they break out by the smallest changes in the regulation of the human body and can be specifically approached therapeutically. Since the treatment as a whole is a cause-oriented, not a symptom-oriented treatment, after reaching a certain advanced stage of regulation of the human body through further gene repair, even the Hayflick limits of the 60-year-old can be adjusted almost to the Hayflick limit of the 40-year-old with a decrease in biological age of up to 20 years within a few months.

The enormous potential of space medicine

In summary, it can be said that, with the help of the extraordinary medical research of space medicine, a causal treatment, prevention and rejuvenation of the human body can only be carried out under the aspects of a holistically oriented medicine, in particular regulatory and energy medicine.